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Depending on the conditions of a Hive a Honey Bee Colony may swarm.  If caught in time a swarm and be successfully collected and placed into a managed hive.  Do you have something hanging from your tree similar to what is shown in the top-middle picture. This could be swarm of Honey Bees. Contact Us today to have them removed and put into a managed hive.

If a swarm is not caught they can sometimes take up residence in less than desirable places. Scout bees will try to find a large cavity of space with a small opening.  This could be a wall of a house, the eaves, or in columns that are not properly sealed. In most cases these bees will not bother you, but they can cause damage to the structure and attract attention from animals that like honey.  Unlike the common yellow jacket a honey bee colony can be very large. A typical colony will have between 10 and 40 thousand bees (yes that was thousands). 

Crazy Bees Farms can come and remove the colony of bees and cleanup the mess they have left (lots of honey and wax). Contact us via the email link below to see how we can help you.

Crazy Bees Farms is available to come and remove unwanted colonies of Honey Bees from your Home or Business. Currently servicing the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area.

Do you have an unwanted colony of Honey Bees?

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